Brandon Kreitzer/ Paranormal Road Warrior


PAST PTS Autobiography Show: TV Host/Producer

APRIL 2022

*Former PAST PTS Radio Show: Radio Talk Show Host  

Sept 2018-Sept 2021

*RETIRED Former Paranormal Investigator (504 Investigations)

Mar 2009-Present
*Former PAST of Tennessee: Founder/Team Lead Investigator

Oct 2011-Present

*Former PAST of Kentucky/MCPS: Co Founder/Investigator

May 2017-Present

*Former PAST of Illinois: Founder/Investigator

Jan 2010-Feb 2021

*Former PAST of Florida: Founder/Investigator

Jan 2019-Feb 2021
*Former PAST Family Network: Founder/President (122 Teams) 

Aug 2010-Feb 2021

*Former Paranormal Journey Into The Unknown TV Show: Cast/Film Crew  

Dec 2017- Dec 2018

*Former Owner Phoenix Rising Productions/Talent Agency 

Aug 2011-Sept 2018
* Former TV Show Host PAST PTS (Paranormal Talk/Music Show)

Sept 2010-Dec 2012 
* Former Owner of PTVN: Web TV/Cable Box Network 700+ Programs

July 2011-Dec 2012
* Former Director of Operations (TV) at True Psychic Network  

Oct 2011-Dec 2012
* Former Manteno State Hospital Board Member

(Haunted Location)  

June 2011-Mar 2013

* Former Old South Pittsburg Hospital Staff Member

(Haunted Location)  

Sept 2016-Sept 2017

In 2009 Brandon entered the Paranormal Field. This happened after watching many paranormal shows on TV and reflecting on things he had witness or experienced throughout his life. He was bound and determined to get answers and to see if paranormal activity was really real. He then joined up with a team called C.I.G.H.T. On his first investigation Brandon would capture what many in the field call the “holy grail shot” a little boy at Bachelors Grove Cemetery (featured in 4 books) along with his first EVP. It was at that moment his life would forever change and he would fall in love with the paranormal field. From there he would learn the art of EVP work and spirit box communication. His team C.I.G.H.T. would become stagnant, so he decided on Jan 30th, 2010 (his birthday) to change his direction in the field and would form the original PAST (Paranormal Activity Specialist Team). Since then Brandon has put in over 500 investigations all over the country with not only PAST of FL, TN, IL & KY/MCPS but also as a independent investigator investigating all around the country. With all these investigations under his belt it has made him a very experienced & respected investigator within the Paranormal Field.

In Aug 2010 Brandon would form the PAST Family Network. Wanting to help his fellow brother & sister teams within the field. He also knew through this special family they would be able to provide the right paranormal teams for clients that were in need & reaching out to him for help with their paranormal problems. The PAST Family Network today is a family of over 120 Teams and Independents across the country. With over 350+ dedicated members in this big family, he can proudly say since 2010 this family has been educating, serving, helping people and clients with their paranormal problems and needs all over the United States. The PAST Family Network has represented nothing but Para Unity at its finest in this field and helps thousands of families around the country each year. When Brandon is not touring on his Para Nation Tours he travels the country to work with as many of his PAST Family Teams on cases and investigations around the country as he can throughout the year.

In Sept 2010  Brandon was approached by PTN (Paranormal TV Network) to host and create a new Web TV Show. PAST PTS TV Show (Paranormal Talk/Music Show) was a show that discussed everything paranormal with a twist of music videos and quickly became #1 on PTN. After a falling out PAST PTS moved over to Para X TV where it climbed to the #1 TV Show again on that network. Later on it moved over to Brandon's New TV Network PTVN with his relocating to TN it was then now his late wife Nancy would became his Co-Host of the show and it climbed back to #1 over on the PTVN TV Network. In late 2012 due to Brandon’s busy expo and convention touring schedule & then his wifes battle with Breast Cancer and later her death PAST PTS was put on hiatus and never returned again as a TV Show.

In Sept 2018 PAST PTS did return as a new Radio Show and  is currently on air every Wednesday Night.

PTVN was Brandon’s dream of giving back to the community by giving them a platform to get their styles & techniques, messages, theories out to the world through his TV Network. The network started out with 1 channel and 19 programs. Later on Brandon decided to change PTVN into a internet cable box that hosted all kinds a various shows with not just paranormal shows. At its height PTVN would grow to 55 Channels and would air over 700 programs each week. (Radio, Web TV & Films) all this in less than 2 years. During this time Brandon was an Executive Producer of 14 different Web TV & Radio shows on the PTVN TV Network. With all the success and growth Brandon was made an offer and PTVN  was SOLD to Hula Plus on 12/18/12.

This is why he is known & respected by hundreds of thousands of people around the world not just in the Paranormal Field but also the Horror Film Industry, Radio Industry, and Metaphysical Community.

The Para Nation Tours were created in 2011 so that Brandon could travel the country to meet the public more and work with other colleagues in the field not just the PAST Family Network teams.  The Para Nation Tours consist of not only investigations but also expos, conventions, special appearances, charity events and etc.

Brandon has always strongly supported many charities. Just to name a few, Cuddles 4 Cancer, The American Cancer Society, Epilepsy Awareness, Breast Cancer Awareness & The Humane Society of The United States and many more. Although the paranormal is his love, his true passion & drive is helping anyone he comes into contact with (Clients, Teams, Radio Host, TV Hosts, Sponsors, Charities & etc.)

In Jan 2013 Brandon would announce his retirement from the paranormal field to spend more time with his wife Nancy who would be diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Nancy would lose her battle to Breast Cancer on June 5, 2015. Knowing she wanted him to return to the field Brandon would announce his return on July 5, 2015. Although Brandon is looking for new answers since the death of his wife. He also feels he is on a mission to help and educate everyone that he possibly can. He strongly feels this path he is now on is 100% guided by God & Nancy.

Brandon has always been represented by Charles Parker on the TV/Film side of his career.

Brandon has made appearances on Comcast, Amazon Prime TV along with over 100+ different Cable Shows, Web TV Programs & Radio Shows during his career as an investigator.

Brandon Kreitzer "I have risen, I have fallen, and as the spirit within me rebuilds itself from lessons in life.. I rise again to embrace all that I have learned, and will learn. Sharing with each person that I touch the ability to help themselves"

Brandon in Feb 2021 dissolved the PAST Family Network and officially RETIRED from the Paranormal Field

  Brandon Kreitzer / Work/ SeaLife / Charity Work

* Commercial Painter 

May 2021-Present

*  Tropical Fish Warehouse Diver

 Jan 2019-Present

* SeaLife Adventures TV Show Host/Cast Member


*Former Commercial Stone Crabber / Deck Boss 

May 2019-Feb 2021

*Former Marketing & Promotions Manager for Cuddles4Cancer

Oct 2019-Feb 2021

*Former Commercial Grouper Fisherman 

Jan 2019- Feb 2021

*Former Commercial Shrimper 

Jan 2019- Oct 2019

Cuddles4Cancer In Oct 2019 Brandon would join his #1 Charity and become their Promotions Manager & Marketing Manager in effort to help bring in more New Teddy Bears for children in hospitals battling cancer

Brandon stepped down in Feb 2021

In 2019 Brandon would move to Florida from Tennessee to start his new sea life career


He would start his career by working on a commercial shrimp boat and also working and diving part time for a Tropical Fish Warehouse. Later he would become a part time deckhand on a commercial grouper boat and then  full time deck hand on a crab boat and later would be promoted to deck boss.

Due to the physical demand of the sea industry Brandon was forced to retired from it in May 2021


With all these different sealife adventures going on Brandon would start making several small videos in the attempt of showing the public different sealife creatures along with educating them about them as well. Brandon was then approached by 4 different production companies to start filming a sealife TV show. Brandon turned them all down because he wanted to produce his own show called SeaLife Adventures with partner Diver Jim.

SeaLife Adventures will be a a show about Brandon wanting to educate and show the world all about the different sea life creatures in the Gulf of Mexico (mostly underwater narration). Filming was scheduled in the Spring 2019 but due to Covid filming has been postponed and will hopefully air on Youtube & Amazon Prime TV etc soon TBA


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